Titanium Extreme Lava Heat Blanket Stage 1


Titanium Extreme Lava Heat Blanket Stage 1

Track tested!
Hot lapping
Non stop tests to ensure best product
Made to reduce engine temps in bay in racing conditions
For turbo setups…

Material:Titanium, fiberglass
Universally Fits on Any T3/ T3T4 T04E / GT30/ GT35/ T60 T67 Small to Medium Sized Turbo Chargers

Temperature- resistance up to 750 degrees F.
Package Includes:
1x Heat Blanket +2 locking springs
Stainless rivets & springs

Stage 1: thinner slimmer blanket made to fit smaller turbos great for t3 t04e and gt30 and vband rear housings

Stage 2: made for racing applications and extreme heat double layer thick with metal mesh inner lining made for larger turbos gt35 ect…

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